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MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM 35th Anniversary

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35 years after its debut,
Gundam sets its sights on a new stage and new challenges.
The revolution has begun.

we are given the opportunity to express our words of gratitude thanks to all of you. Originating from the Giant Robot genre, it has enjoyed long-standing support over time, and became the talked-about creative work today. For the strong support you have shown over these many years, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Sadly, people age over time. It feels like there should be evolving works of Gundam which deals with those issues. To this point, building a road that leads to a rebirth of Gundam is something I hold dear.
いIt is always a challenging process to create a Gundam that can be enjoyed by any generation's children. However, as we keep these worries to ourselves, we are able to create a Gundam world for the next generation.
To that end, we must seek a new standard bearer. As we mind each other's health, let us have engaging dialogue about these issues.

-Yoshiyuki Tomino


Music producer Yasutaka Nakata has been tapped to create a theme representing the potential and new perspectives that lie in Gundam's future. "G35" evokes liveliness, ambition, but also gravitas and portent. Look forward to hearing it alongside this project!


Yasutaka Nakata (CAPSULE)

In 2001 CAPSULE released a CD single debut as its own unit. From there, he began producing for Perfume and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, and numerous other television and radio drama theme music and other works. The unleashed freedom of the group is recognized not only by the music world, but that creativity also enjoys feverishly hot support in the related fashion, beauty, and television worlds.





What is "TOKYO Gundam Project 2014"?

The Gundam statue will rise to support Tokyo's future and help assist in the revitalization of the downtown seaside area. It will also support the Greater Tokyo Area's 2014 Youth All South Kanto Games and help promote youth sports activities.
TGP2014|TOKYO GUNDAM PROJECT 2014 official website

An unprecedented exhibition of materials related to the original Mobile Suit Gundam series will be held in Osaka in 2014 and Tokyo in 2015.
Full details on the materials to be displayed will be announced soon on the "The Art of Gundam" official site.
THE ART OF GUNDAM official website

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The 18-meter, real-size Gundam will move for Gundam.FN"s 40th Anniversary in 2019.
The whole worldN"s ingenuity and expertise will come together in a five-year dream project!

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