An area ruled by the monopoly "Blue Wing Corporation."
Their Trinity supply is the highest of all the areas, and they are the most developed of the fortified cities.

Cao Cao Wing Gundam

The young CEO of ”Blue Wing Corporation” and leader of the Wei Area.
A bright mind with a calm personality who fears for the future of the dwindling Trinity supply.
He possess his own, unique set of values and is curious about Liu Bei Unicorn Gundam's true powers.

JPY800(tax excl.) / Apr. 2019 Release
*Release date may vary by regions.

Trinity Bike

A general-purpose bike which uses Trinity as its power source.
It can be rearranged into various forms depending on the faction and rider.

JPY500(tax excl.) / Jun. 2019 Release
*Release date may vary by regions.

*Characters are not included.
*Colored stickers presented different administrations are attached.