The base of operations for "Red Tiger," the distribution guild led by Sun Jian Gundam Astray.
Most of the people living in Red Tiger's aircraft carrier are members of this guild.
They are involved in a variety of businesses such as distribution, and day after day, they fight the Yellow Zombie Virus carriers that pose a threat to their livelihood.
As they are on an aircraft carrier, they have a low Trinity supply, possessing more than only the Shu Area.

Sun Jian Gundam Astray

The head of the distribution guild "Red Tiger."
Dong Zhuo Providence Gundam's withdrawal of the guards from a small village of the domain causes an important client of his to become infected with the Yellow Zombie Virus.
He holds a grudge about the loss of one of his big clients.

JPY700(tax excl.) / Apr. 2019 Release
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Sun Quan Gundam Astray

The second son of Sun Jian. He has difficulty talking to strangers.
In battle, his personality completely changes, and he shows his latent strength.

JPY700(tax excl.) / Jun. 2019 Release
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*Trinity Bike is sold separately.

Trinity Bike

A general-purpose bike which uses Trinity as its power source.
It can be rearranged into various forms depending on the faction and rider.

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*Characters are not included.
*Colored stickers presented different administrations are attached.