2019.05.20 (MON)

Over 70 Illustrations on 4 Themes! "Yuji Kaida Mobile Suit Gundam Gallery" Report

Besides talk shows and autograph sessions, goods and reproduction illustrations are also sold!

The "Yuji Kaida Mobile Suit Gundam Gallery", an exhibition commemorating the 40th anniversary of illustrator Yuji Kaida's works, is currently underway at the Ikebukuro, Tokyo Parco Museum. It will be held until June 3, 2019 (Mon). Admission is ¥500 (with novelty), students ¥400 (with novelty), elementary school students and under are free.


For this exhibition, Kaida's attractive gunpla box illustrations that he has drawn since the beginning are displayed in their full glory. From the analog images of "Mobile Suit Gundam" through "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing", and digital images through "Turn A Gundam" also appear, the powerful exhibit fills the venue. The works are of industrial type, and also weapons, and express the attractiveness of Gundam mecha, and drawn with the drama characteristic of the war situation.


This article will report on the insider preview held May 17, 2019 (Fri) through photos.

At the venue, there are over 70 illustrations of 4 themes that Kaida himself selected.


Of course there is Kaida's first gunpla box art "Accguy", and many premiere public appearances such as "Gwazine" are also shown at this exhibition.


Besides the display where you can compare the box art which became the actual product with the original illustration, there is a grand tower of gunpla boxes piled high, and a "Making of Hi-ν GUNDAM" where you can see the process of creating a digital work, it is a place where you can experience the artwork of Kaida.


  1. "GUNDAM" Original Gunpla box art from "Mobile Suit Gundam" through "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing"
  2. "Mobile Suit" Original gunpla box art of mobile suits
  3. "Musha Gundam" Original gunpla mobile suit box art from SD Gundam BB Senshi series
  4. "Digital" Focusing on works other than plastic model box art, with the latest color commercial work


The venue also has talk shows and autograph sessions. Goods and reproductions are also sold to commemorate the exhibition, and those who purchase over ¥3,000 will receive an "A2 Poster" with the main visual as a present. Let's go check out the exhibition.


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Yuji Kaida's Mobile Suit Gundam Gallery


May 17, 2019(Fri)~ June 3, 2019(Mon) 11:00~21:00

※Last day will end at 18:00.

※Admission is until 30 minutes before closing time.



General:¥500(Novelty included), Student:¥400(Novelty included), Elementary School Student and under free

<PARCO Card・Class S> Members free admission, <PARCO Card> Members half price

※Limited to that person. Other discount services do not apply.



PARCO MUSEUM(Ikebukuro PARCO Main Building 7F)

(1 Chome-28-2 Minamiikebukuro, Toshima City, Tokyo)