2019.06.22 (SAT)

The Whole Story Behind "Alternative Strike" Released! "METAL BUILD∞ -Metal Build Infinity-" Held Today!

Various exhibits and prototype new items also appear!

The ultimate festival for the "METAL BUILD" series of painted finished toy brand goods by BANDAI SPIRITS, "METAL BUILD∞ -Metal Build Infinity-", will be held starting June 22, 2019 (Sat) at Belle Salle Akihabara. Admission is free.


At the venue, the entire story of the new project "METAL BUILD Alternative Strike" is revealed. The overview and story of this project are introduced on panels, examples with option parts, and future items under development are displayed.


Also, in addition to "NEW MODELS" where items currently taking orders and new items under development are displayed, there is "HISTORY OF METAL BUILD" which shows all the past and latest METAL BUILD series items, "METAL BUILD Thoroughly Dissected" which shows the production process, and two concept models which show the future of METAL BUILD in "FUTURE OF METAL BUILD". There are many different exhibits to see.


In addition, there will be venue lottery sales of the commemorative event item METAL BUILD Strike Gundam and exclusive stamp rally for "CLUB TAMASHII MEMBERS", so let's use this chance to visit. The exhibition is until June 23, 2019 (Sun).


※ For more information about the "METAL BUILD Strike Gundam" venue lottery sales please see this page


METAL BUILD ∞-Metal Build Infinity-


June 22, 2019(Sat)10:00~20:00

June 23, 2019(Sun)10:00~18:00


Belle Salle Akihabara(from JR Akihabara station Electric Town Exit, 5 minutes by foot)