2018.10.05 (FRI)

High-Quality Sumi-e-style Gundam Portraits, All-Over Print T-Shirts, and More Coming to Premium Bandai

Need some beautiful Gundam-inspired artwork to spruce up your pad? Perhaps you’re on the lookout for some new shirts to proudly display your Gundam love? How about some business card cases that only fellow fans will recognize? All these and more are available to order now at Premium Bandai.

Sumi-e-style Gundam Artwork

From the hands of “bujinga” ink wash painting master Masayuki Kojo comes these five sumi-e-style Gundam portraits. Each one represents a different key moment for either Amuro’s Gundam or Char’s Zaku II during the original Mobile Suit Gundam. These include the Gundam’s killing strike against Denim’s Zaku II, the Gundam wielding the flail-like Gundam Hammer, and the Gundam facing off against Char’s Zeong at the start of their climactic battle.



Gundam All-Over Print Shirts

These seven shirts each sport a different mobile suit from the original Gundam anime--and thanks to their all-over print design, they appear to be all but exploding off of the shirts. You can choose from the following mobile suits:



RX-78-2 Gundam



MS-07B Gouf



MS-09 Dom



MS-06 Zaku II



MS-06S Char's Zaku II 



MSM-07 Z'Gok



MSM-07S Char’s Z'Gok

Hyaku Shiki T-Shirt

Apart from the all-over print shirts, there is also a T-shirt depicting a close up of Zeta Gundam’s MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki.



Hyaku Shiki Backpack

Alongside the Hyaku Shiki T-shirt comes this shiny gold Hyaku Shiki backpack. It’s stamped with the mobile suit’s designation number along with the Japanese character for “Hyaku.”



Business Card Cases

If you’re looking to keep your love of Gundam on the down-low while still also showing it out in the open, these business card cases are the perfect stealth otaku item. There are two versions: a Zeon-style Char one and a Federation-style Amuro one.