2018.05.01 (TUE)

The May 2018 Gunpla Lineup!

Seravee Gundam Scheherazade, Ogre GN-X, and more from “Build Divers” to release as HG models! Including releases of “MG Gundam F91 Ver.2.0” and “HGAC Leo”!

HGAC 1/144 Leo

On sale May 11, 2018 / 1,080 yen (tax included)


The mass-produced MS Leo, named after the constellation Leo, is being made into a HG model for the first time as the 4thinstallment of the “GUNPLA EVOLUTION PROJECT”! With “Fine Build” as its EVOLUTION POINT, its mobile range and shortened joint assembly time has been implemented thanks to new joint structuring that makes its specifications easier on paint users! Easy assembly is supported with runner configurations grouped into each of its parts while the handling instructions use icons! Of course, is design has been applied with the latest format and recreated in minute detail! Its main head camera utilizes clear parts without the use of stickers and it’s possible to color code its parts into six colors with just the molds! It comes with a drum gun, beam sabers, and a shield!


On sale May 11, 2018 / 756 yen (tax included)


The introduction of a custom part developed in “Gundam 00 Diver”! Along with a backpack, it also comes with its main armament the GN Diver Sword and more! It can be equipped to various Gunpla that have been released until now including those in the HGBD series. High mobility close combat Gunpla can be customized with the backpack and gigantic sword!


On sale May 2018 / 1,944 yen (tax included)


The release of a custom suit used by Momo that is in the image of a penguin and based on Kapool! It comes with a mini Kapool that can be placed inside the figure when opened!


On sale May 2018 / 648 yen (tax included)


The release of the pink colored Haro that appears in Gundam Build Divers! Its silhouette becomes even cuter with lovely ear parts that can be moved to bring emotion to the figure! You can also recreate Haro with both its arms and legs out with its changeable type build. It also includes a HaroPla stand!


On sale May 2018 / 2,376 yen (tax included)


The high firepower custom Gunpla based on Seravee Gundam is releasing as a HGBD! It comes with a variety of armaments including its GN Physical Bazooka! The GN Container Beams equipped onto its back and hips can transform into its firing form or into an arm armament with replacement parts and, thanks to these parts, has a complete and enhanced play value!


On sale May 2018 / 2,160 yen (tax included)


The demon god “Ogre GN-X”, customized to be specialized for close combat, is being released as a HGBD! Its head visor lowers to transform into its one-eyed mode and it also has two GN Ogre Swords that come built-in with a connecting gimmick! It comes with beam effects that can recreate its GN Beam Shoulder Tackle and GN Needle Straight!


On sale May 2018 / 864 yen (tax included)


Introducing a custom part that can also transform into a backpack for battle usage! The military-type backpack comes with propellers as well as chain saws and missile pods! Aside from being able to reinforce Grimoire Red Beret’s rifle, it uses a 3mm diameter in its joint parts that can be mounted onto several Gunpla!


On sale May 2018 / 972 yen (tax included)

Momo from Gundam Build Diversis being released as an adorable CHARAGGUY! She has been recreated with her characteristic ponytail and her head can even be transformed into a PETIT’GGUY with replacement parts!

MG 1/100 GUNDAM F91 Ver.2.0

On sale May 2018 / 4,320 yen (tax included)


“MG GUNDAM F91” is being released in Version 2.0! Its chest duct utilizes a multiplex structure with parts applied with extra finish used as its internal parts! Light parts are utilized in its internal body with the “Lighting Unit (White) with 2 Lights”, sold separately, as a set with the display base. The heat produced from its chest and backpack ducts during its most mobile mode and MEPE can be recreated! Its leg thrusters utilize a connecting gimmick while its V.S.B.R. can expand just as they do in the anime! Along with its head being equipped with an open face gimmick and two types of non-transformable heads, it also comes with its characteristic armaments that include its Beam Launcher, Beam Shield, and more!




※Action Bases sold separately。