2018.09.03 (MON)

September 2018 New Release "Gunpla" Lineup!

"Figure-rise Standard Diver Nami" appears from "Build Divers"! "HGUC Moon Gundam", "RE/100 GYUNEI GUSS’S JAGD DOGA", "MG 00 QAN[T] FULL SABER" too!

September 8, 2018 release date / ¥2,160 (tax inc.)

The new gunpla "Jegan Blast Master" from "Gundam Build Divers" is now a kit! Besides being able to deploy the shoulder and leg beam cannons, the distinctive armored back panels, the extended gun barrels, there are lots of gimmicks like the grips! The backpack can even be swapped out and used with certain models from the HG series!

September 8, 2018 street date / ¥864 (tax inc.)

The armament "No-Name Rifle" from Gundam Astray No-Name of "Gundam Build Divers" is now part of the HGBC line-up! Defensive mode, offensive long range attack mode, every mode of the backpack can be achieved, joint parts for each form and extension are included! (One axis, two axis, ball joints [large, medium, small])


You can customize it with the HG series, so let's power up your gundam with various new forms and equipment!

September 15, 2018 Street Date / ¥5,940 (tax inc.)

From "Mobile Suit Gundam 00V Senki" comes a variation of 00 QAN[T] in MG form! The mobile suit is replicated in detail and wields the "GN Sword IV Full Saber" with new parts! Equipped with a GN Condenser, a connector attaching the GN Sword IV to the rear section, and the newly modeled head antenna visualized by Kanetake Ebikawa! Decals for the GN Sword IV Full Saber and pedestal for the GN Sword IV are included!

HGUC 1/144 Moon Gundam
September 22, 2018 street date / ¥3,240(tax inc.)

The featured mobile suit from "Mobile Suit MOON Gundam" that is part of the Sazabi lineage is modeled in HG form! Beginning from the shoulder form which will eventually lead to the Sazabi, a great amount of detail and wide range of motion is featured in each of the main body, arm, and leg parts! The "Psycho Plate" can be deployed and explanded from the backpack arm, separated, and recombined! Beam Tomahawk, Beam Rifle, and ever-expanding gimmicks like the butterfly edge, each beam part is created through clear parts!

September 22, 2018 street date / ¥4,860(tax inc.)

Gyunei Guss's Jagd Doga which appears in "Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack" appears as an RE/100! Its characteristic design is modeled in detail comparable to the MG series! As seen in the movie, greater details have been added! Subthruster funnels can all be detached individually, and expansion gimmicks are deployed! A clear strut that can display all 6 funnels is also included!

Figure-rise Standard BUILD DIVERS DiverNami
September 22, 2018 street date / ¥2,592(tax inc.)

Koichi's sister Nanami Nanase's Diver Look is now visualized as a "Figure-rise Standard"! Originating with the Earth Federation's pilot normal suits, it has been modified with a more sporty look! In addition to the MS equipment of javelin and shield as motifs, and various parts such as a spray gun, 3 types of face parts can be used to create facial expressions which you can enjoy!

HGBD 1/144 Impulse Gundam Lancier
September 29, 2018 street date / ¥2,052(tax inc.)

The new model "Impuse Gundam Lancier" from "Gundam Build Divers" appears! Filled with gimmicks that can transform, separate, and combine, besides the characteristic lance and shield, it includes a booster for underwater navigation as well!

HGBD 1/144 Impulse Gundam Arc
September 29, 2018 street date / ¥2,052(tax inc.)

The new model "Impulse Gundam Arc" from "Gundam Build Divers" appears! In addition to being filled with transformable, separatable, and combinable gimmicks, its characteristic rifle is also included! In addition to its back mount, the energy tank can also be attached to the rifle!

※Action base sold separately.