2018.08.09 (THU)

Gansoku Chapter 2! A Mobile Suit Gundam UC Unit Appears in the iOS/Android "Mobile Suit Gundam Sokuosensen"!

Gundam Cafe Collaboration starts August 17, 2018!


A unit from "Mobile Suit Gundam UC" will appear in Bandai Namco Entertainment's iOS/Android app "Mobile Suit Gundam Sokuosensen (Gansoku)".


Additionally, with the "Chapter 2" update comes brand new game systems and a collaboration with Gundam Cafe as well.



Unicorn and Sinanju from "Mobile Suit Gundam UC" appear!



In Gansoku, Unicorn Gundam and Sinanju from "Mobile Suit Gundam UC" Universal Century world will appear.


Please check within the app for details and schedule.


Chapter 2 start! A brand new game system expands gameplay!



Gansoku enters the second chapter with this new update.

With the creation of the "Battlefield Assignment System", the fun of online player battles is maintained while increasing the army corp play.

You can also play in single player mode, fight online in interplayer battles, and enjoy the game in your own playing style.

For details, please see the official game site's Special Chapter 2 Page as well as within the app itself.



Large update celebration! All rarities all units chance present!


In celebration of this major update, the first "All Rarity All Unit Chance Present Campaign" is underway. It's a great opportunity to aquire units that aren't easily obtained or obtained from enemies. Use this chance to make your team stronger.


The campaign period is until September 30, 2018 (Sun.) For details pleaase see the Chapter 2 Special Page on the official game website.



Gundam Cafe Collaboration! August 17, 2018 Start!


To commemorate the second chapter of Gansoku, Gundam Cafe Akihabara and Gundam Square Osaka will have a Gansoku collaboration menu from August 17, 2018 (Fri.) to August 31, 2018 (Fri.)


The collaboration menu features a Unicorn Gundam dessert plate (¥1,080 tax inc.)


If you show your phone with Gansoku installed on it, you'll receive 2 types of Gansoku original coasters as a present while supplies last. There are a limited number of presents, so please visit as soon as possible.


Unicorn Gundam, Stand on the Sokuosensen!

Price:¥1,080(tax inc.)

Campaign Period:August 17, 2018 (Fri.) ~ August 31, 2018 (Fri.) [planned]

※This campaign will not take place at the Odaiba shop.

C3AFA TOKYO 2018 "GGGP" to hold prize-money tournament!


On August 26, 2018 (Sun.) at Japan's largest character & hobby event "C3AFA TOKYO 2018" in Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan's first Gundam offline prize tournament "GGGP (Gundam Game Grand Prix)" will take place.


The games of the first tournament will be "Mobile Suit Gundam Sokuosensen" and "Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Versus Maxi Boost ON". Don't miss out on the combined one million yen in prize money.



GGGP "Mobile Suit Gundam Sokuosensen" Offline Tournament



August 26, 2018 (Sun.) 10:00~17:15 [planned]

※Gansoku tournament details will be announced later at the C3AFA TOKYO 2018 official site.



C3AFA TOKYO Venue Special Booth

Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall 1・2・3 Hall



Kengo Kawanishi(Voice Actor)

Satoshi Dairaku(MC / Commentary)

Hiroaki Oochi(Gansoku Producer)




Mobile Suit Gundam Sokuosensen

Genre:Realtime Gundam Battle Fighting Game

Distribution Start:February 7, 2018 (Wed.)

Price:Free download, in-game items purchasable

Platform:App Store, Google Play