2018.12.07 (FRI)

"RG 00 QUAN[T] Full Saber [Clear Color]" & "HG Garibaldiβ [Clear Color]" Released Today at Gundam Base!

"HG Byarlant [Clear]" also appears!

At the gunpla facility "THE GUNDAM BASE TOKYO", in addition to the Gundam Base limited gunpla "RG 00 QUAN[T] Full Saber [Clear Color]", the event exclusive gunpla "HG Garibaldiβ [Clear Color]" and "HG Byarlant [Clear Color]" were released December 7, 2018 (Fri).


The "RG 00 QUAN[T] Full Saber [Clear Color]" and "HG Garibaldiβ [Clear Color]" will also be sold at THE GUNDAM BASE TOKYO POP-UP in KUMAMOTO at the Kumamoto Parco starting today, so let's check them both out.


RG 1/144 Gundam Base Limited 00 QUAN[T] Full Saber [Clear Color]

Price:¥3,672(tax inc)

"RG 00 QUAN[T] Full Saber" has appeared as a clear color Gundam Base exclusive item. The main body, as well as the GN Sword IV Full Saber are reproduced to RG specifications. With lots of hand parts and a base stand, GN Sword IV Full Saber markings as well, realistic decals are also included.

HG 1/144 Garibaldi β[Clear Color]

Price:¥1,620(tax inc)

"HGUC Garibaldi β" has appeared as a clear color event exclusive item. The detail of each part is intensified according to the latest format, the torso shoulders have an internal frame that has details added, the two arms have an additional axis of rotation, the action play is increased, and in addition to the same type of rifle as the Gelgoog's being included, the shield can be replaced to reproduce the expansion and contraction gimmick.

HG 1/144 Byarlant[Clear Color]

Price:¥2,808(tax inc)

The Byarlant from "Mobile Suit Z Gundam" appears as an event limited clear color.


The head is a newly molded version from the Byarlant that appears in "Z". Each gimmick has a wide range of motion that allows you to recreate powerful actions.

The "HG Blue Destiny Unit 1 EXAM [Metallic Gloss]" will be released January 2019, let's go check that out as well. For details please see this article.





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